wedding photobooth in singapore

Ways to Use a Singapore Wedding Photobooth

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. However true this may be, the majority of the time, once we go outside, we forget our camera and the possible photograph that could have been worth a thousand words and a million memories is missing. Regardless of what the event might be, you now have the choice to lease a photo booth so you will never need to worry about missing those thousand words. There are many events which you could use a picture stand for, here are only a few.

Birthday Parties

For those who have a special birthday celebration like your sweet 16 or 18th birthday or maybe you chose a wonderful cowboy theme and you want everyone to have the chance to have some terrific photos with friends, alone or as one large group. Renting a photo booth provides everybody the opportunity to get silly and allow their hair down. Whether this is the first birthday party or your 112th, having pictures to remember the occasion by is essential and what better way to do it than renting a photo booth?

wedding photobooth in singapore


Many people hire a wedding photobooth in singapore because of their photos, but their main gripe is that the photographer never requires the candid shots that they had been awaiting. With a picture stand leasing, you can have all those fantastic spur of the moment pictures that just happen. Captions can be used so that everybody understands that spontaneous moment was shot at somebody’s wedding. You can still have all of the formal photos which are conventional but with the image stand, everybody has the opportunity to have their photograph taken, not only the wedding party.


Prom is a unique event for every adolescent. With an image stand, teenagers can have fun, candid photos with their friends or their dates, or both with no extra charge like the photographer would cost you. You may have all the wonderful traditional photos in addition to the opportunity to get creative in the photo booth with a friend. That way, you will never forget how beautiful you looked on your prom dress or how handsome your high school sweetheart looked in his chocolate brown dress in his awkward means of trying to match your eyes.